Thomas Oliver brengt akoestische versie van 'You Shine On Me' uit

De intieme versie werd opgenomen in de Wellington Chocolate Factory, Nieuw-Zeeland

'You Shine On Me' is een vrolijke metafoor voor de liefde. Dit was absoluut te zien in de kleurrijke video voor studioversie van het nummer. Nu brengt Thomas de akoestische versie van het nummer uit met een nieuwe video.

Thomas Oliver vertelt over het maken van de video:

"For one thing, one of the performers is the girl about whom I wrote the song! It also features Miharo from L.A.B. which is arguably NZ's hottest band at the moment. And funnily enough there is a good story from that shoot...

We recorded and filmed this on a Sunday night at the Wellington Chocolate Factory - a boutique chocolate company in the heart of Wellington. We brought in a whole mobile recording setup, and when we listened back to the takes, we played it pretty loud through the monitors because we thought we were in a business area, not a residential area. The shoot started at 8pm and finished at about 1am. We had done four takes, but I wasn't convinced we had "the one" yet, so we opted for one more."

"Halfway through the fifth take, our recording was shattered by sudden and offensively aggressive knocking on the glass door. Someone just banged and banged and banged, until eventually I got up and went to the door. He rambled on about trying to sleep on a Sunday night and was so charged that my calm energy seemed to aggravate him even further, haha (even though I was annoyed that he'd ruined our take). He asked for all of our names so that he could report us and the Chocolate Factory to the building manager or something, and when I said my name is Thomas Oliver, he stopped and looked at me. Then he said, "my daughter loves your song, If I Move To Mars." After that we chatted pleasantly for a bit and he calmed down, at which point I explained that we still didn't have what we needed, and I kindly asked if we could do one more take? He said "yes, absolutely", so I returned to my stool and we pressed record and then proceeded to nail the best take we'd done all night - the one that you hear in the video!"

De studioversie van het nummer is afkomstig van het album 'The Brightest Light', het nieuwste album van de Nieuw-Zeelandse singer-songwriter dat op 6 maart verscheen. 

"This is a singer-songwriter record, but it goes to places that most singer-songwriter records don't go. I'm very proud of it; the writing, the playing, the production and the mixing. I'm very happy to send it out to the world." - Thomas Oliver

Luister hier naar 'The Brightest Light'

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