Thelonious Monster released album 'Oh That Monster'

After years of silence, Thelonious Monster released their new album 'Oh That Monster'.

The band says that 'Oh That Monster' may be their best record ever as Thelonious Monster found the same passion in creating tracks as they did in 1984 when they first started. The album was recorded by frontman and lead singer Bob Forrest, Chris Handsome, Dix Denney on guitar, Martyn LeNoble on bass guitar and Pete Weiss on drums. Bob Forrest about ´Oh That Monster´: “We all worked really hard. We are familiar with what it takes to be good. Make a great record. And we did it. I think we made maybe our best record ever. At 60 years old! Some of us decades out of playing music. I am so proud of what we did. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Full circle as they say. Still angry. Still hurt. Still mad to laugh. Mad for living. We made this album. And it is us.”

Recently the band released their single ‘Buy Another Gun’. Its the song that anchors 'Oh That Monster'. It addresses that what all American parents deal with, Bob Forrest explains: “How do we keep our kids safe from this hateful murderous madness that American schools have become. A school shooting seemingly every week all across the country. Arm our teachers? Bulletproof backpacks. The insanity of the conversations parents are having is unfathomable. But that's what parents in America are talking about! The song shares the hate and the hope I feel about the safety for my children. For myself. And for what I believe is the beginning of a fallen empire.”

The band explains that the United States Election Day was chosen as the release date for ‘Oh That Monster’, as they feel it brings together two of the most important things: the truly most important election of their lifetime and the most important record they have ever made: “I have been told since I was a kid this is the most important election of our lifetime every election. It was never true. But myself n the guys believe in our heart of hearts. This truly is the most important election of our lifetime. So what better thing to combine it with than the most important record we have ever made. Most significant let’s say. That we are all still alive in 2020, if you know us, is a miracle in Itself. That we can still rock is unheard of. But most importantly: that we are still excited to be alive. Still care about our planet, our country and people. These are just a few of the amazing gifts that sticking around has shown us.”

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