The Utopiates blend social commentary and introspection on debut album ‘The Sun Also Rises’

Rising indie-rock outfit The Utopiates return with their brand-new debut album 'The Sun Also Rises'.

Talking about the album and the inspiration behind it all, Dan Popplewell (singer) says: “Many of the themes explored in the songs tap into a collective paranoia that grips society today. A post-brexit, nihilistic nightmare confined by the walls of social media and pre-cursed by AI and the inevitable climate crisis (‘Seekers’, ‘Devolution’, ‘Only Human’, ‘Simple Minds’). Did we ever stand a chance and what of the next generation?”

This social commentary is accompanied by tunes that express a more introverted depression that comes with life in your 20s and 30s. Paranoia, regret, depression and suicide are all feelings and experiences that I’ve been deeply affected by in my life and writing for this album made me come to terms with a lot of that (‘Sick Love’, ‘It’s Coming For You’, ‘Best And Worst Days’).

But ultimately The Utopiates represent the spirit, the hope, the love and passion to build better versions of ourselves and the world. This shines through as bright as ever on songs like 'Making History', 'Midas Touch', 'The Sun Also Rises', 'Ups And Downs’ and ‘Illuminise'. We hope to be the voice of this (up-to-now) voiceless generation and pass the baton down to the Gen-Z’s that we respect and fear for, in equal measures. We can make a difference, but it has to start now, within us all.

2022 was the year The Utopiates signed to V2 records and were dubbed the band to watch by cult indie promoter This Feeling. A sold-out summer tour followed, and they finished the year completing work on their debut album ‘The Sun Also Rises’ (at The Nave in Leeds). The 12-track release continues to push the boundaries of their unique brand of groove-laden powerhouse indie.

The Utopiates were formed under the dark clouds of the pandemic and only launched in January ’21 but already the accolades are stacking up (BBC Radio 6 Music DJ, Steve Lamacq/Radio X’s John Kennedy). They’re extremely confident that 2023 is the year they claim much wider attention and stake a serious claim as one of rock ‘n’ roll's brightest new talents.

Listen to The Utopiates' new album'The Sun Also Rises' HERE.

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