The Paper Kites releases single 'By My Side (feat. Rosie Carney)'

The Paper Kites releases their new single 'By My Side' (feat. Rosie Carney)' via Nettwerk Records.

Beautifully restrained, intimate and slow burning; The Paper Kites release new single ‘By My Side’ featuring Irish singer-songwriter Lucy Rose. Carrying the torch of weather-beaten ballads and thoughtful songwriting, this and previously released 'For All You Give (feat. Lucy Rose)' is the first taste of the band's 5th studio album ‘Roses’. “It’s an album of duets - for lack of a better word” Sam Bentley explains, “A collection of songs we had written and wanted to record with these artists”. 

The song is taken from the band’s 5th studio album titled Roses, out via Nettwerk Records. An alluring, dynamic and diverse company, the Roses vocalists were handpicked by the band themselves to feature on the forthcoming album. “It was first and foremost about finding the voices and artists we felt were right for each song,” say lead singer Sam Bentley.

Along with Rosie Carney and Lucy Rose, the 10-track album will feature an international cast of vocalists. A deeply moving collection of songs, helmed by a cherished selection of artists. Full of power and sentimentality, The Paper Kites gently pull us in to uncharted waters.

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