The Jordan releases debut album Nowhere Near The Sky

The Jordan releases her debut album, ‘Nowhere Near The Sky’ on the label Cooking Vinyl. The mysterious new artist attracted over 500,000 streams on her first two tracks, ‘You Don’t Even Know Me’ and ‘Naked in the Sun’, despite no-one knowing anything about her and maintaining a minimal social media presence. Earlier The Jordan revealed herself to be the Dutch singer and songwriter Caroline Van der Leeuw, best known as the voice of Caro Emerald.

Emphasising the depth and breadth of her artistic transformation, ‘Nowhere Near The Sky’ is The Jordan’s extraordinary, game-changing debut album, a new chapter which introduces a new name, a new sound, and a new quest for total candour and unvarnished truth. Her vocals are purer and more powerful than anything she has recorded before, fresh trip-hop and folktronic textures wrap her voice in magic and mystery, and after years of doubt and repressed feelings, her songwriting finally pulls back the veil. 

Caroline says, “The freedom of starting out with a new name is huge - it immediately tells people that this is a brand-new start. Taking another alias that sounded a bit like Caro Emerald would have been too confusing. But I didn’t want to ‘become’ someone else, I just wanted to be me. And that’s reflected in the choice of the name The Jordan. It’s a reference to the neighbourhood I grew up in, and where I first discovered that I had a voice.” 


‘Nowhere Near The Sky’ is the product of Caroline’s feverish creativity, an outpouring of songwriting which expresses who she really is - the focus entirely on the music rather than its marketing. Its themes reflect her new outlook, with issues of identity, new starts, self-determination and empowerment recurring motifs throughout the record. The album features production by the Ivor Novello winners David Kosten (Bat For Lashes, Everything Everything, Chris Martin) and Eg White (Florence + The Machine, Sam Smith), plus Wieger Hoogendorp, Robert Biesewig and Wouter Hardy. Portishead’s Adrian Utley also contributed to several of the tracks.  


‘Nowhere Near The Sky’ is now available to listen to HERE. In addition to the album’s digital/streaming release, it’s also be available on a range of physical formats including CD, standard black vinyl, an ultra-clear vinyl (exclusive to HMV and select independent stores), transparent turquoise vinyl and signed test pressings (both exclusive to The Jordan’s official store) and three different coloured cassettes. 

On the 23rd of March The Jordan will be performing at Paradiso Amsterdam


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