SYML releases a video for the heartbreaking song 'Flags'

The Seattle based producer sheds light on India's “Cancer Train” with 'The Journey Of Hope'

In January, Seattle-based artist and producer SYML aka Brian Fennell shared his heartbreaking track, 'Flags', a song born from watching a loved one’s battle with Cancer. Now, he collaborated with Dutch director 'Jorik Dozy' from Studio Birthplace who captured the story of the Indian girl Sapna and her battle against the disease.

Cancer, the world’s 2nd leading cause of death, is alarmingly prevalent in the farming region of North-West India. The region has seen such a fast-growing number of cancer patients that it is known as the Cancer Capital of India. Studies indicate excessive use of pesticides on food crops as the leading cause. As a result, farmers and their families live in a cesspool of toxicity that also contaminates the water they drink and bathe in. 

While performing in Amsterdam, Fennell connected with Studio Birthplace, known for creating music videos and short films with a goal of advocacy and awareness.Fennell asked them if they’d be willing to go to India to capture the "Cancer Train" and create something that would help raise awareness and inspire action. Jorik Dozy eagerly agreed, and upon arriving met 10-year-old Sapna, along with her family.  The emotional short film centers on her story, her Journey of Hope

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