Stephen Malkmus releases new b-side 'Juliefuckingette'

He releases the B-side of his album 'Traditional Techniques' via Domino Recording.

After his last album, ‘Traditional Techniques’ with lead single ‘Xian Man’, Stephen Malkmus presents ‘Juliefuckingette’; an A-side-worthy B-side off of the rich, dynamic, and pleasantly warm Traditional Techniques. Additionally, he announces a rescheduled North American tour. As with Traditional Techniques, “Juliefuckingette” is new phase folk music. Malkmus’ wry lyricism unwinds over his 12-string acoustic guitar: ‘Abolish the fanfiction set’, ‘I don’t wanna clean up the Lagaria mess’, ‘It’s the last brand standing’ and ‘You know you wanna kill it but you can’t kill that quite yet’.

Traditional Techniques presents Malkmus as attuned as ever to the rhythms of the ever-evolving lingual slipstream. Informed by a half-century of folk-rock reference points, Malkmus drew from a whole new musical palette for Traditional Techniques, including a variety of Afghani instruments, to support an ache both quizzical and contemporary. Alongside gorgeous folk music, the album presents occasional bursts of flute-laced swagger, straight-up commune rock, and mind-bending fuzz. He’s joined throughout by Matt Sweeney and Chris Funk.

'Traditional Techniques 'is a folk-rock record, with Malkmus playing acoustic guitar and going
all the way in on the fireside, cardigan-sweater-and wool-socks guitar beauty that’s long been a hallmark of his solo albums since leaving Pavement over 20 years ago." - Rolling Stone

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