Plàsi finally drops his stunning album 'Foreign Sea'

Plàsi’s beautiful sophomore album 'Foreign Sea' is a journey with the singer-songwriter to a place where one can reflect on “the world we live in, and what actually matters.”

Writing gentle pop songs in the tradition of nylon-string pluckers before him (like Nick Drake, Vashti Bunyan, Hollow Coves, George Ogilvie, and Cat Stevens), Plàsi used the shift in perspective to push his music to a new realm. When it came time to lay these new songs down, Plàsi teamed up with Linus Hasselberg and Hannes Hasselberg, the talented Swedish brothers who also helmed the ship on the last two EPs 'Mystery' and 'Where I Belong'. And after getting prepped over Zoom, the trio made plans to record the album in two sessions that would merge Plàsi’s disparate roots: one taking place in Sweden, the other in Greece. “I always wanted to do an album like that,” Plàsi explains. “And I’m stubborn, so I wanted to see it through.”

Adhering to international guidelines and working carefully to keep the group small and the process safe, Plàsi and the Hasselberg brothers recorded an initial session on the scenic island of Gotland in Sweden and then reconvened soon after on the historic region of Peloponnese in Greece. In both places, they set up “pop-up” studios in cozy homes, capturing the unique sounds of their locations: “It was quite the simple set up,” Plàsi says. “We had good microphones, and we had a good room.”
Plàsi handled guitars and vocals, Linus added strings and brass, and Hannes contributed keyboard, piano, and percussion—an inspired musical world-building up between the three of them. And then in Greece, three local musicians joined to add even more texture: Yvonne Melissa on violin, Christos Anastasiadis on clarinet and bagpipe, and Tasos Kofodimos on laouto, a traditional Greek instrument. “We had some beautiful days together,” says Plàsi.

Listen to 'Foreign Sea' here.

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