Pitou dances from dark to light on latest single

'Dancer' is the third track off of Pitou’s debut album 'Big Tear'. The song starts: “I push myself into light, I need it more than ever.” A interwoven harp- and guitar-part comes in, supported by subtle but persistently grooving percussion.

Where the song starts with a feeling of restlessness, towards the second verse, a new-found confidence comes in. Just before the outro kicks in, we hear her voice almost disappear into a choir of sirens, only for her to come back in a final crescendo, where the first line of the song is repeated over and over again. It is Pitou’s plea: ‘move towards the light’ - to herself and anyone who needs it.

And the title? “This movement, from dark to light and back again, sometimes feels very violent. Like a natural phenomenon, waves, that you are forced to give in to. I’ve been thinking about these waves, and how I would like to be more graceful in the surrendering. Make it less of a fight, and more of a dance."

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