Nick Waterhouse releases heartbreak soul single ‘Play To Win’ off forthcoming album ‘The Fooler’

The acclaimed singer-songwriter releases the new album single and visualizer for ‘Play To Win,’ which Waterhouse says is "a heartbreak type of tune with co-writer Doc playing the piano and producer Mark Neill both taking me to a place I have never been in my career before. This is about what it’s like in the din and chatter of city apartment parties, bars, sitting rooms, and loneliness from the seat one’s sitting in looking at the insouciant world around."

Last month the artist shared the album singles and their accompanying videos ‘Hide And Seek’ and ‘The Fooler.’ ‘Hide And Seek’ puts you in the city of dreams that the forthcoming album ‘The Fooler’ unfolds in - and the sound is the place. Title track ‘The Fooler’ is about how your own heart and your memories can betray you in really nice ways. 

The title of the sixth album from Californian singer-songwriter Nick Waterhouse is more than just the name of one of its tracks. ‘The Fooler’ is both a clue and a red herring. ‘The Fooler’ is the observed and the observer, narrator and subject, truth and lie. ‘The Fooler’ is the shadow and reflection of a city the artist knows sufficiently well to wander with his eyes closed, and a place which very possibly never even existed. ‘The Fooler’ is not so much an unreliable narrator as a constantly shifting perspective.

‘The Fooler’ is a record that offers up new riches and fresh perspectives with every spin. From the hidden corners of ‘Hide & Seek’ and the roadhouse soul of ‘Play To Win’ to the primitive, attitudinal, chugging two-chord thrill of ‘Late In The Garden,’ it builds inexorably to the drama of the title track and pulsing roll-and-rock of the final pay off, "Unreal, Immaterial." Play it once and it sounds immediately like a collection of great songs. Play it again – and you will – and it feels like a novel or film slowly unveiling its secrets, kaleidoscopic in its narrative complexity. “Especially during this record, I started just becoming what Allen Ginsberg called a pure breath,” says the artist. “I was becoming pure breath with my ideas.”

Nick Waterhouse’s new album ‘The Fooler’ will be out April 1st. For now, listen to his single ‘Play To Win’ HERE.

Nick Waterhouse will be performing at De Oosterpoort in Groningen (NL) on the 29th of April. Followed by a show on Roots & Roses Festival in Lessines (BE) on the 30th of April.


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