Multi-faceted electronic producer and keyboardist Anomalie unveils debut album 'Galerie'

'Galerie' is out now on all digital retailers

Today, the multi-faceted Montreal electronic producer and keyboardist Nicolas Dupuis aka Anomalie unveils his debut full-length album 'Galerie' via Nettwerk. The ten-song odyssey explores the many sides of Anomalie’s sound as he effortlessly blends jazz harmonics with modern electronic and hip-hop production. 

Along the way, he introduces the listener to some of his friends and collaborators. From Grammy-nominated R&B artist Masego and JUNO Award-winning rapper Shad to renowned touring singer and semi-finalist from the NBC hit show The Voice India Carney, prodigy guitar player Mateus Asatoto, upcoming producer and multi-instrumentalist Bad Snacks, Anomalie not only puts his sound, but his scene, in the spotlight.

"Galerie is a collection of musical canvases that represent my rediscovery of what it means to be excited about making music," Dupuis explains. "I haven’t had access to a real piano since I was a teenager and so the upright I got last summer plays a central role in this project, both as a creative and a sonic tool but also as an actual source of inspiration and a means to tell a story through melodies and harmony. Lastly, this is my first project to feature several collaborators and each one of them brought their own creative universe along with them, which was incredibly inspiring to witness."

Nicolas Dupuis is never far from home. As Anomalie, the shape-shifting production project he unveiled in 2016, Dupuis has channeled his musical upbringing (his mother, a piano teacher; his father, a host on Radio-Canada), formal schooling, and stage-seasoned chops into two companion EPs - 'Metropole' and 'Metropole II' - the Chromeo collaboration 'Bend the Rules', and now his long-form debut, 'Galerie'.

The Metropole series, released in 2017 and 2018, was the story of a city - Dupuis’ native Montreal, where he still resides - visiting familiar landmarks, cosmopolitan rhythms, and well-worn streets. By early 2020, Dupuis’ love letters to home had taken him around the world and back, powering two sold-out tours spanning North America (Red Rocks Music Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, Electric Forest), Europe, and Asia -plus, a social audience now into the millions, and earned endorsements from contemporaries like Charlie Puth, Snarky Puppy, and others. On-stage, Dupuis honed an astute balance of electronic production, progressive jazz harmonics, and hip-hop rhythms with a four-piece group, reinventing genres known for their slippery, expansive definitions.

But by mid-2020, the world had changed. Those sold-out shows? Replaced by next-door neighbors. Dupuis and his girlfriend decided to settle into their own space in Montreal, buying their first home, with a designated personal studio where Dupuis could re-discover his momentum. As lockdowns began to recede from view, Dupuis returned to the studio ready to channel his prismatic influences into 'Galerie'.

The result is a delirious genre fusion inspired by D’Angelo, J. Dilla, Brian Wilson’s 'Pet Sounds', Herbie Hancock’s 'Sunlight', and Robert Glasper’s 'Black Radio'. You might call it Cubist, with each song revealing a new side, depth, or angle in Dupuis' sound. Together, these tracks aren’t just an exhibition; they’re a resounding thesis, a road map tracing how consonant styles overlap and interact. By reinvigorating jazz harmony, Dupuis is slyly driving broader audiences to discover or renew their love for the foundational components in today’s voices.

Listen here to 'Galerie'

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