MAXINE turned her summer fling into your summer anthem

'Only Us' is out now on all digital retailers

Today, MAXINE releases her new single 'Only Us' via SNSD Records. The track is inspired by a summer fling MAXINE had. Sadly, it didn't work out between them, but MAXIME didn't feel like writing a sad song about it. So, she turned the story around and pretended that everything did work out. 

With this song MAXINE hopes to make you laugh and smile as much as she does while listening to it. "Go meet up with friends and experience the best adventures. Life is meant to be lived and you don't do it twice... So make the most of it! I hope this song can be the soundtrack to your main character moments."

For writing this song she paired up with Simon de Witt (BLANKS). After a writing session for a song for him they finished early and figured; why not try a 'one hour songwriting' challenge. MAXINE showed Simon some artists she likes and they got to work. "I would laugh so hard if I’d seen us from a far." tells MAXINE about the songwriting process. "It felt like we were both on our little islands. He worked on the production with his headphones on and I sat down at the piano and wrote the song there. We went back and forth on structure wise and I showed him what I got every time and he did the same."

With her music MAXINE is a refreshing exception in a music scene, where many young artists have their hits written by others. Thanks to her own compositions and authentic voice, MAXINE manages to create hits time and again. Not only MAXINE herself but also her music is honest, cheerful and danceable. Being a pop star, you don't need more for a success formula.

Listen here to MAXINE's new song 'Only Us'

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