MAXINE has now delivered her very first EP 'Minor felt Major'

MAXINE's tracks will take you back to your college years.

MAXINE is not new to the industry as a solo artist. She previously released songs including 'DON.T', 'Heart Shaped Bruises' with Haris, and 'Learn To Love' with Swedish singer-songwriter Rasmus Hagen. Now, she has bundled some of those songs for her debut EP 'Minor felt Major'. The EP is about her failed love experiences during her college days. It starts with meeting a new person, who you fall for, but it ultimately turns out not to work out and it ends in tears. The EP builds with the beginning of a relationship and works towards its end. Now that MAXINE has graduated, this feels like a chapter she can finally close and put behind her. 


In addition, the EP is about having all these feelings for a person, which you know will be bad for you, but it feels so good. Therefore, you stay with them to feel those emotions. The title ‘Minor felt Major’ is a nod to MAXINE's love of songwriting. Minor and Major are two different keys in which she prefers to write her music. 

The fact that MAXINE (1998) perfectly senses the ambiance of her audience is noticeable in her recent successes. On TikTok, her songs about pop culture and TV characters gained her over 50k followers and nearly a million likes. Her own songs have been streamed more than one million times on Spotify. MAXINE also wrote songs for several prominent Dutch artists, including Maan and Roxeanne Hazes. She even co-wrote the Korean hit ‘The Only’ (feat. Irene of Red Velvet) by Raiden, which scored millions of streams and views. Besides, as a support act in sold-out shows for RONDÉ and the Swedish ALMA, MAXINE also proved that on a stage is where she belongs. 


Even though MAXINE loves to write, singing was still her initial passion: "I always wanted to be a singer in the first place. When I went to high school music, we were also taught how to compose songs. I liked the whole creative process right away. You start with an idea, you record it, and in the end, you have a complete song. I soon knew this is what I wanted to continue with." 

MAXINE is a refreshing exception in the music world. Many young singers have their hits written by others, while MAXINE comes up with her own compositions and sings them beautifully herself. She will continue to do both for the time being: "Fortunately, I don't have to choose. I find both singing and sharing my story in songs very inspiring. It's still magical to go into the studio with no more than an idea and have a complete song by the end of the day. I think that's so cool." 

Listen to 'Minor felt Major' here

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