Matt Perriment takes you on a journey with 'Through Those Eyes Again'

The new single 'Through Those Eyes Again' brings back your youthful perspective of the world

'Through Those Eyes Again' is a nostalgic song about how you used to see the world when you were a child, and the longing to have that innocence and positive viewpoint back again. It reflects on fond memories and moments experienced as a child such as daydreaming, spending days in fields and being protected at all time, followed up by the phrase ‘how I’d love to see the world through those eyes again’ to reflect how overtime our view on the world is shaded by reality.  

The new track brings across a slightly ethereal almost daydreaming like feeling, it as if you were being transported back to a memory or dream. You can hear from the guitar fingerpicking work and warmth of the piano all recorded acoustically. The harmonies and live strings help to make the track reflective and this sense of togetherness and support you often feel as a child.  


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