Matt Perriment releases first full-length 'Atlantic Skies'

Matt Perriment's 'Atlantic Skies' is a coming-of-age album, documenting the trials and tribulations of life through your 20s, growing older, falling in and out of love and dealing with mental health. Written over a decade, the album tracks 10 years of love, life and travels across the UK, Bermuda and North America.

'Atlantic Skies' is structured into three distinct parts, each symbolizing pivotal phases in his life. In the initial section, featuring tracks such as 'Suddenly' and 'Blockbuster' Matt delves into his relocation to London at the age of 18, where he grapples with the realization that he is not as significant as he once believed, suddenly becoming a small fish in a vast pond.

During this period, Matt also navigates a long-distance relationship that ultimately culminates in a breakup in Vancouver, an experience vividly portrayed in 'Vancouver Reverie.' Spending three days in hostels and being taken in by kind-hearted Irish individuals, he finds himself in a reverie-like state, seeking refuge from the harsh reality.

Throughout the decade, Matt witnesses close friends battling addiction and mental health issues, themes poignantly explored in songs like 'Don't Fade Away' and 'Surviving.' These compositions serve as heartfelt pleas for support and expressions of hope for his loved ones in the midst of adversity, emphasizing the crucial role of being a pillar of strength.

The album's final section, featuring tracks like 'Everything' and 'Atlantic Skies,' takes on a more optimistic tone. Inspired by the beauty of Bermuda's beaches, the homeland of Matt's partner, these songs convey the message that life, despite its hardships, is replete with moments of splendour if one pauses to savour them.

'Atlantic Skies' unfolds as an open narrative, documenting a decade of personal growth and the transition into adulthood. Its gradual evolution over ten years grants listeners a unique and unfiltered perspective on life during a pivotal period. Ultimately, it underscores the notion that amid life's tumultuous journey, there exists inherent beauty and hope, awaiting discovery when one takes a moment to seek it out.

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