Marcus Mumford aangekondigd als headliner 3FM Serious Request

Livestream op zaterdag avond 18 april tijdens de eindshow van 3FM Serious Request: Never Walk Alone

Zojuist is bekendgemaakt dat niemand minder dan Marcus Mumford, frontman van Mumford & Sons, de eindshow van 3FM Serious Request af zal sluiten. Met een livestream vanuit zijn woonkamer zal Marcus enkele nummers ten gehore brengen met o.a. zijn prachtige cover van 'You'll Never Walk Alone'. 

Op zaterdag 18 april volg je de eindshow via (of de radio), tussen 18:00 en 20:30 uur. Marcus Mumford speelt om 20:00 uur!

Marcus Mumford heeft een cover opgenomen van 'You'll Never Walk Alone' en schenkt alle inkomsten aan goede doelen. In deze turbulente tijd, waarin de hele wereld stilstaat vanwege het het Covid-19 virus, kan iedereen wel wat extra hulp gebruiken. Speciaal daarvoor nam Marcus Mumford deze cover op en doneert hij alle inkomsten aan War Child UK en de Grenfell Foundation. Marcus werkt al langere tijd met beide organisaties en momenteel bieden extra zij hulp aan kwetsbare partijen. 

Luister hier naar de cover:
Doneren kan hier:

From Marcus

Here's a song for you, because it feels like the right time to get it out. Now available on all download and streaming sites globally.

All record royalties and record company profits from this song will go to Grenfell Foundation and War Child UK. These are uncertain times for so many people, and we get that. We’re trying to pursue a "both/and" approach - to find out how we can support our literal neighbours, whilst also thinking of those further away who need our help more than ever. I work with both organisations, I have been in contact with them throughout the COVID pandemic, they’re doing amazing work supporting vulnerable people, but it’s really hard right now. To find out more, or to make a donation of your own to their extraordinary work, please see the links below.

I recorded this song after a conversation with my dear friend Jason Sudeikis, as I’ve been scoring his unreleased television show, Ted Lasso. It may still end up in the show, but we’ve had it up our sleeve for a couple of months. For lots of reasons we wanted it just to be out in the world sooner rather than later, so here it is, with love. My friend Reuben James came down and played piano on it and if you don’t know his work go check it out because he’s a genius.


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