Marcel Vogel & LYMA share the second result of their exciting collaboration

Fresh off their debut Boogie Angst single Head Back In The Game, Marcel Vogel & LYMA are coming in like a sugar rush with their follow-up tune, 'Keep On Stepping'.

DJ’ing across the globe, remixing the likes of Hot Chip, Phenomenal Handclap Band and Flamingo Pier, or A&R’ing releases on his own record label Lumberjacks In Hell, Marcel Vogel is the good vibe guru. Fueled by the dancefloor connection, Marcel offers up an eclectic blend of Disco, Soul, House and Gospel. Amsterdam-based LYMA is an RnB and Soul powerhouse. Also, part of the LIKEMINDS ensemble, LYMA skirts the genre borders with his eclectic mix of groovy goodness. A swanky, yet luxurious syncopated and heavily saturated bassline lays underneath a washed-out vocal cut. After which a guitar riff reminiscent of early Prince makes friends with a rather ambiguous synth stab. All whilst the hypnotic analog hi-hat pattern fills in the blanks.

The second part of the song introduces some interesting Acid House inspired elements, but firmly planting them in their own world. The broader theme of their upcoming Boogie Angst EP is about the wonders of childbirth, and the direct consequences thereof. Beautifully extended, yet concise at the same time, 'Keep On Stepping' serves as an appropriate follow-up to their stellar Boogie Angst debut.

Listen to the exciting new single HERE.

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