Kids With Buns release new single 'the snakes'

Debut EP 'waiting room' out April 15th

Kids With Buns' new single from the 'waiting room' EP is called 'the snakes'. For this single they teamed up with Bram Vanparys (The Bony King of Nowhere) as their producer. 'the snakes' is the second track on the EP coming April 15th.

Stemming from a song written at 16 years old, after a first real heartbreak, 'the snakes' tells the story of being addicted to a person that you can not have. Tossing up between hating them and desperately crawling back, the song carries you away with Marie's deep voice, Amber's soaring yet atmospheric guitars and an addictive chorus.

Listen to 'the snakes' here 

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