Jungle by Night Releases New Single 'Angelo Samsonite'

'Angelo Samsonite' will guide you to a magical dimension

'Angelo Samsonite' is almost like a fairytale. In a small little village up far in the North lives a man called 'Angelo Samsonite'. The man, together with his Samsonites, enjoys life to the fullest in his own little paradise. Once a week, Angelo steps in his tractor to drive to the closest village to get some local self-brewed spirits to keep him and his family warm and inspired. The Samsonites are different from the rest of the world because instead of trying to fit in the system, they do whatever they want. They have their own garden in which they grow vegetables, use solar power to make everything work, and don’t need the outside world. In 'Angelo Samsonite', Jungle by Night takes the listener to this little magic world, where they can imagine and sometimes even hear the Samsonites, gardening, sailing, singing, and just having fun. 

Listen to 'Angelo Samsonite' here

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