Izo FitzRoy releases title track off upcoming album ‘A Good Woman’

‘A Good Woman’ is the third single and the title track from Izo FitzRoy’s forthcoming LP, an album that explores life as a single woman, railing against convention, battling depression, wrangling shame and having a more embodied connection with herself.

Izo FitzRoy’s first two albums, ‘Skyline’ (2017) and ‘How The Mighty Fall’ (2020), saw the multifaceted gospel, blues and jazz singer songwriter, set herself apart from her contemporaries. Her uplifting harmonies, powerful lead vocals and raw, dynamic live performances instigated waves of international critical acclaim.

Her new single ‘A Good Woman’ sums up the essence of the upcoming album. A playful take on what it means to be ‘a good woman’ in society. “The song addresses the roles that women sometimes feel they need to perform, in order to be seen as ‘good’ or ‘acceptable’”, she says.

The album looks at being a woman in a male dominated industry and living in a patriarchal society and the myriad ways that women give away their autonomy and power to institutions, labels and people.

Izo FitzRoy’s brand new single ‘A Good Woman’, is available HERE.The album of the same name will be released on April 28th 2023.

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