Hunting emotions with Caspar Auwerkerken

With the brand new 'The Hunter', the promising Hasselt singer-songwriter Caspar Auwerkerken has scored a hat-trick of delicate, emotive and melancholic singles. It's his third single after debut 'Hyacinth' and successor 'In Skies'. A debut EP is expected this summer of 2023. 

The Hunter was written inspired by Caspar David Friederichs painting ‘Der Chasseur in Walde’. In the painting, the character of the hunter is being overwhelmed by a huge, snowy forest. In the song, the hunter becomes a metaphor for one’s emotions. Instead of being overwhelmed by a forest, the character in the song talks about being overwhelmed by one’s own darker emotions, without losing all hope. 

"The song was written in just about thirty minutes in my bedroom, making at a very spontaneous process. The hunter plays a key role and is one my most defining songs so far: starting in a very intimate manner, the song works its way to a climax, which almost feels like a moment of catharsis."

Caspar is artist in residence at both Het Depot and Muziekgieterij Maastricht (where he received the very first Jan Mans Award for young talent last year) and has already played support acts for Portland, Meskerem Mees, Mauro Pawlowski and The Bony King of Nowhere.

His unique voice - reminiscent of Sophia and Thom Yorke - is overlaid with dreamy arrangements and minimalist soundscapes. The latter are by musician Orson Wouters (Aili, Transistorcake) who has been on board as a producer since debut single Hyacinth. Caspar Auwerkerken's trademark: carefully constructed melancholy songs that erupt in all subtlety towards the end. The debut EP will be released after the summer of 2023.

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