Hungry for a new music snack? Listen to Jungle by Night's new single 'E17 Snack'

Jungle by Night releases a new single 'E17 Snack'

The corona crisis totally wiped Jungle by Night's schedule full of shows clean. Jungle by Night, therefore, released an album with Live Recordings of their previous tour to keep the spirits high. Besides, during this time, the band did not sit still and worked hard to find new ways of creating music from home. In the spring of 2021, Jungle by Night performed several Fieldlab-concerts in preparation for their autumn tour to celebrate their upcoming album.  

In August, the band already released their single Cookies, about the constant flow of cookie notifications and feeding the “all-knowing” algorithm with personal information. Today, they released their new single leading up to the album: E17 Snack. For the band, the musical aesthetics of the song bring back old memories of camping holidays with a friend and his parents in the south of France. It encapsulates that feeling of a first-holiday lover and all the reckless nights that followed. “It’s about the thrill of sneaking out at night with the girl/guy from the local French discotheque, playing Truth or Dare, and watching the stars for hours - just escaping from reality and day-to-day life for a bit.” - JBN.

The title E17 Snack refers to the band’s favourite worst place to eat when returning from French tours: a little truck stops at the E17 in Belgium. The band has been going here for years, and even though the food wasn’t that great, it still brings back memories of fun and friendship.

E17 Snack comes along with the single Destination A2, which was mainly inspired by LCD Soundsystem tracks and Isao Tomita’s rendition of Suite Bergamasque by Claude Debussy. The A2 is one of the longest highways in Holland. This highway goes all the way from a small town far in the south where the band members grew up to the place where they live now, Amsterdam. They’ve been travelling up and down this road for as long as they can remember. It doesn’t matter which side they are travelling to; both ways lead to a very special destination for the band, home.

So, where does the E17 guide you, and what is your Destination A2? Let Jungle by Night take you on a journey and relive all your greatest travel movements with them. Listen to E17 Snack here.

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