Graham Candy's latest single will make sure you 'Keep On Smiling'

Graham Candy's new single 'Keep On Smiling'.

It is guaranteed that a smile can brighten up anyone's day. Graham Candy's new single Keep On Smiling ensures you to have a positive day. Graham's single is a timely song written together with Jintae Ko in Los Angeles at the break of the Corona pandemic.

"The song is an upbeat, positive song with a huge sing along hook! The quirky lyrics bring together New Zealand slang about “Beating around the bush”, a saying describing that sometimes we don’t want to hit the issue on the nose, and drive around the issue to keep a smile on your face in difficult times".

Keep on smiling finished at Bewake studios brought together friends near and a far to sing along in the chorus, and of course with Candy’s style of a bit of 90s flair!

Graham Candy is originally from New Zealand, but moved to Berlin to immerse himself in a new environment. Graham is also known for doing musical theatre and has won a variety of acting awards. Thanks to his musical talent, Graham continued to pursue making his own music. Candy used to be bashful of exposing his own original music to the public. Therefore, Graham started off with covers mainly of female artists such as; Amy Winehouse and Lilly Allen. Ultimately, his covers helped develop Graham's singing voice. 

Step by step, Graham started to refine his own style. Due to his New Zealand roots, he developed an acoustic style, feeling you are sitting around a campfire or having a nice beach day. As a whole Graham wants to make sure everyone has a smile on their face and his music has a positive impact ensuring everything will be alright. 

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