Graham Candy Releases His 2nd EP 'Keep On Smiling'

'Keep On Smiling' ensures a positive feeling and the new EP gives you a smile.

'Keep On Smiling' is the 2nd EP of Graham Candy. 5 songs from the past 5 years have been put together with d.boom to show all the sides of Candy once again! The singer-songwriter, the 90’s kid, the genre jumper! 'Keep On Smiling' is a feel good masterpiece, giving listeners sing-along hooks, vibey lyrics and a personality that many Europeans have gotten to know. Graham Candy after 5 years of touring and collaborations is now resetting the button and starting off again on a solo road, of course with a few friends on the way. 

Graham Candy and d.boom started writing this EP in 2016, and since then it has come a long way. Graham praises d.boom for sticking with him “I want to a massive thanks to d.boom for staying by my side and writing music for the last 5 years even when I genre jump like crazy! You’re an incredible musician and friend!”

The songs on the 'Keep On Smiling' EP synchronize beautifully together. Graham Candy says “I love how these songs came together in the end and releasing with 'Belong' first feels like the perfect start”. This EP will undoubtedly lifts your spirits. It is an EP that came at the perfect time, and it is a great tune to play after everything that has happened these past years. 

Graham Candy is an artist from New Zealand. Candy’s first collaboration with German DJ and producer Alle Farben, 'She Moves' (2014), gained him quick popularity with his quirky,high-range vocals, as well as his first platinum single. His other collaborations with Parov Stelar, Robin Schulz, Deepend and THOMAS GOLD gained him a strong followingin Europe as well as in the U.S.A with 'The Sun' topping electronic charts. Candy’s album 'Plan A' created a colourful portrayal of his diverse music style and his intimate catchy lyrics.

Listen to the 'Keep On Smiling' EP here.

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