Girl in Red returns with her most honest, introspective single yet

From her forthcoming Chapter 2 EP this fall.

Norway’s girl in red returns today with her most honest, introspective single yet titled i’ll die anyway.  Perhaps it’s not an existential crisis, but it's certainly a song that captures many questions about life, with none but one answer she’s sure of. There’s a great big European & US Headline Tour to hear this song and other new tunes from forthcoming her Chapter 2 EP this fall which sees her play the Lowlands festival in August and the Melkweg in Amsterdam on November 4th.

'i think this is the most honest song i’ve written on how i perceive my life.  understanding life and what it means to be human is difficult. i’ve always questioned my existence, meaning, time and the universe. all i know is that i don’t know,  and the only thing that’s guaranteed is i’ll die anyway.'

EP titled chapter 1 & forthcoming Chapter 2 are a collection of songs penned in her bedroom, at the backend of 2018 & 2019 respectively. To date she’s gone on to garner support of a wild hoard of tastemaker praise. These two EP’s will form together and form a limited edition vinyl release due to be released at the backend of September.

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