Embracing life's cycles: Angie McMahon's 'Light, Dark, Light Again'

Angie McMahon's latest album, Light, Dark, Light Again, encapsulates her journey through life's twists and turns. When her world seemed to be crumbling, she found solace in the sky, watching the ever-changing patterns of birds and realising that change is the only constant.

The album is a deep exploration of McMahon's personal revelations over the past few years. It's about facing the darkest corners of yourself, finding strength in vulnerability and discovering that every breakdown leads to a breakthrough. Where her previous album was stripped back and soft, this one aims for grandeur, embracing warm, cosmic and vast soundscapes.

Recording the album was a slow and deliberate process, spanning a number of locations and involving esteemed producer Brad Cook and a host of talented collaborators. McMahon's lyrics are a poetic buoyancy, offering empowerment and encouragement to anyone facing their fears. Exploring themes of forgiveness, self-compassion, acceptance and the passage of time, she reflects on her refusal to be held back by fear.

The album features a range of tracks, each exploring different facets of life. McMahon's journey includes moments of relationship strife, personal struggle, hope, acceptance and climate activism. Throughout the album, she channels her emotions into her music, creating a resonant and emotionally charged experience.

The album's closing track, 'Making It Through', encapsulates the essence of the album, emphasising the cyclical nature of life. McMahon's message is one of embracing change and uncertainty, trusting in the natural rhythms of life and finding balance in the inevitable ebb and flow. "Light, Dark, Light Again is a celebration of acceptance and the beauty of life's ever-changing nature.

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