Donkey Kid gives us 'Toy' As A New Single

The track comes with a fun music video

What would it sound like if King Krule sang the hook of a Tame Impala song? Hailing from Berlin Steglitz the 19 year old Donkey Kid answers this question with playful ease: There hasn't been a newcomer to the German music scene with a tighter, more laid-back and cosmopolitan sound in a long time. Recently he released his third single 'Deep Blue', placing him in various radio rotations not only in Germany, but also across the UK and US. With 'Toy' Donkey Kid is now releasing the next track of the double single alongside a new music video. 

As a bed-room producer, Donkey Kid has written songs evoking a sense of wide spaces, Abbey Road, Hendrix in Tanger and psychedelic substances, while reminiscing back to Manchester in the 80s at the same time. The common ground of 'Toy' and 'Deep Blue'? They both build on soulful, bouncy basslines. In 'Toy' a playful guitar riff jumps onto the bassline while the song thrives on a C-part that breaks with the previous harmony in a wonderfully sophisticated way. Donkey Kids seductively relaxing voice with casually shifted backing vocals leaves you feeling everything is possible, nothing is necessary. 


The new 'Toy' video shows Donkey Kid cruising through his hometown Berlin on a scooter. At the moment he is on the road supporting artists such as Ilgen-Nur, Leoniden and Cassia in Germany and the UK - on stage he looks a bit like Brian Molko in 1996. If none of that suggests a popstar in the making, what does? 

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