Don Letts' releases his musical voyage of discovery 'Outta Sync'

Iconic DJ, director and musician Don Letts embarks on a new musical chapter with his debut album 'Outta Sync'. The album, produced by Gaudi, is a catchy mix of dub-inspired bass rhythms, island vibes, spoken word and melodic hooks.

'Outta Sync' offers a glimpse into Letts' diverse musical preferences and unique take on the world. This musical venture showcases an intriguing line-up of collaborators, with contributions from renowned artists such as Terry Hall, Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips and lover rock queen Hollie Cook. In addition, Don Letts' daughter, Honor, lends her vocals to the sitar-drenched electronic groove of 'Civilisation'. Together, the album forms a snapshot of Letts' current artistic identity, mixing cool bass lines with his cultural journey and reflecting the duality of his existence, being both black and British.

The album reflects Letts' diverse musical tastes and unique worldview and serves as a sonic journey through his cultural experiences. This debut solo project marks the beginning of a remarkable musical journey, and 'Outta Sync' is just the first taste of what promises to be an exceptional artistic exploration.

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