Diving into 'Revanchist': Evian Christ's genre-bending debut album

'Revanchist', the long-awaited debut album from Evian Christ, is out now. The eight-track record explores the latent potential of trance to go beyond euphoria and evoke the fullest sense of the sublime.

'Embers', the album's opening track and lead single, encapsulates Christ's inclination towards the total annihilation of trance's standard affects; soaring, rapturous supersaws meet a storm of indecipherable noise, mangled 808s and broken shards of defected gospel house acapella.

'Revanchist' follows 2020's Ultra, a landmark label debut that demonstrated Christ's emerging mastery of an abstractly destructive musical vocabulary. The album draws from an unlikely and diverse pool of influences, simultaneously composing the suffocating throttle of Demiurge-era 'Emptyset' (2011), the worldliness of Madonna and William Orbit's 'Ray Of Light' LP (1998), the acute eeriness of Laibach's 'Across The Universe' (1988), and a highly stylised approach to mixing and sound design largely inspired by Sasha's seminal 'Xpander' EP (1999). 

About Evian Christ

Evian Christ (born Joshua Leary) is an Ellesmere Port based musician, producer and music programmer signed to Warp and DONDA/Sony ATV Publishing.

Initially recognised for his production contributions to Billboard-topping albums by Kanye West and Travis Scott, and subsequently as the founder of the enduringly influential TranceParty club night, Christ has in recent years spearheaded an idiosyncratic series of projects exploring the legacy of trance in contemporary cultural life.

Evian Christ LIVE (BNL):

  • 27 October - Botanique, Brussels (BE)
  • 28 October - Parallel, Amsterdam (NL)

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