Cristovam releases acoustic version of 'Luna' featuring Tim Hart

Cristóvam releases his acoustic version of ‘Luna’ featuring Tim Hart. First featured on 2022’s Cristóvam album ‘Songs On A Wire’, the more intimate, stripped down sound, breathes new life into this previously released song. 

“Luna is a song about the longing for, and pursuit of love,” Tim Hart says.” It’s something that most of us know at least a little about. We were drawn to the notion of giving everything, without any guarantee to this pursuit. Cristóvam and I first met when we played some shows together in Portugal and I was immediately struck by the raw emotion and honesty of his voice. I hoped we would work together sometime in the future and it’s amazing that we now have that opportunity. We were born and grew up 19000km away from each other but to me it feels very natural working together. Almost like we had always been brothers, nurtured by a common love of great writing and music."

"Luna is one of my favorite songs on ‘Songs on A Wire’,” Cristóvam adds. We decided to make these acoustic versions because both Tim and I love to hear songs stripped to their core and we felt like this collection of songs could sound really cool If it was also recorded in a more minimalistic and acoustic way. Tim has been working with me for a while now and he is such a great musician and songwriter. I really wanted him to sing on a song and I felt like this one made a lot of sense because he co-wrote the lyrics with me and we always shared a common love for it. I’m really happy with the way it turned out.”

"In 2017, I supported Tim Hart and Stu Larsen on a couple gigs in Portugal. We became great friends and kept in touch ever since. I remember me and Tim hitting a couple bars in Lisbon after the show and just talking for hours about records and producers we loved. It was instantly clear that we shared a passion for a lot of the same music and most of all, I felt like we connected in a very natural way. I knew then that I wanted to work with him sometime in the future. When we finally had the chance to do it, we couldn’t do it in person due to the pandemic, and that’s kind of how ‘Songs On a Wire’ was born. After a lot of zoom calls where we’d work on lyrics, song structures, and everything else that comes along with making a record, we started a virtual ping-pong  journey where we’d record instruments and send tracks to each other everyday until the record was finally done."

Listen to Cristóvam's and Tim Hart's new acoustic 'Luna' HERE.

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