'Chaos Magic': Jaakko Eino Kalevi's eclectic masterpiece

Finnish artist Jaakko Eino Kalevi has made a triumphant return with the eagerly anticipated release of his latest album, 'Chaos Magic'. The double album is a captivating fusion of elemental pop and baroque electronics, showcasing Kalevi's unrivalled talent for crafting melodies imbued with an air of mystery. With 'Chaos Magic', Kalevi delivers his most daring and adventurous musical statement to date.

'Chaos Magic' is a collaborative effort that sees Kalevi team up with a diverse range of talents. The album features musical contributions from the likes of French actress and singer Alma Jodorowsky, Jimi Tenor, Faux Real, Yu-Ching Huang and John Moods. This collective effort adds depth and richness to the album's sonic landscape.

Stylistically, 'Chaos Magic' covers a wide range of genres, showcasing Kalevi's versatility as an artist. From the icy new wave vibes of 'I Forget' to the delirium of 'Dino's Deo' and the evocative disco-infused tracks 'Galactic Romance' and 'Night Walk', the album takes the listener on a thrilling and unpredictable sonic adventure. The songs on 'Chaos Magic' were conceived and developed in various locations across Europe, including Geneva, Berlin and the Greek island of Hydra, before being meticulously crafted in Athens at Mutual Sound Studios, where Kalevi collaborated with his friend Teemu Takatalo, who co-produced and mixed the album.

'Chaos Magic' is a testament to the power of collaboration and artistic exploration. According to Kalevi, the album represents a 'back to the roots' approach, collecting songs created during a specific period without trying to force a cohesive narrative. Inspired by his new home and the Greek concept of 'kháos' - an abyss or void created when earth and heaven were separated - Kalevi finds beauty in the chaotic nature of everyday life. The result is a fascinating and eclectic collection of songs that celebrate the harmonious coexistence of diverse musical elements.

With 'Chaos Magic,' Jaakko Eino Kalevi invites listeners into his enchanting garden of earthly delights. This album showcases his unparalleled ability to blend genres and experiment with sounds, resulting in a captivating musical experience. As Kalevi continues to push boundaries and embrace collaboration, 'Chaos Magic' solidifies his status as a visionary artist and a true musical maverick.

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