Axis: Sova's Sonic Evolution: 'Blinded By Oblivion'

When a band accustomed to the gritty backdrop of Chicago finds itself on the sun-soaked shores of Southern California for a recording adventure, the result is nothing short of mesmerizing. Explore 'Blinded By Oblivion' by Axis: Sova - a sonic journey that effortlessly weaves together the echoes of rock eras past, present, and future. It's a musical clash between industrial steel and the untamed forces of nature, manifesting in moments of fierce intensity and shimmering brilliance.

One thing that's constant with Axis: Sova is their commitment to musical mutation and evolution. With each new LP, they draw inspiration from a myriad of musical influences, infusing their lyrics with poignant allegories of social disconnection and personal turmoil. 'Blinded By Oblivion' marks a significant leap forward, thanks in part to the bold, hi-fi production helmed by Ty Segall at Harmonizer Studios.

This sonic vision crystallizes further with the addition of drummer Josh Johannpeter to the Axis: Sova ensemble. The rhythms on "Blinded By Oblivion" bridge the organic and synthetic realms, offering a sensory feast of sound. This divergence in stereo creates a canvas for Jeremy Freeze's grounded bass and Brett Sova's guitar explorations to shine brightly. The result? Glorious vocal harmonies set against a backdrop of striking contrasts and concise arrangements.

"Blinded By Oblivion" is an irresistibly good time that's been streamlined for maximum physical impact. It's a rallying cry for the return of rock and roll radio, encompassing everything from our shared human fallibility to defiant rebellion, all delivered with hook-laden, high-energy precision. Halfway through the album, Sova sings, "I think my heart is made of metal." Indeed, it is, but it's also imbued with post-punk, psych, southern boogie, glam, power pop, and punk. Sometimes, this metallic heart even beats with sweet melodies. The rhythms of this musical muscle are nothing short of exhilarating. Don't attempt this at home—just crank up the volume and let it fill your space, whether it's in the privacy of your own home or out in public. Let it be heard, and let it be LOUD!

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