Áslaug Brings Out A New EP 'Thirst'

‘Thirst’ is the second EP by alt-pop artist Áslaug.

Thirst contains four electronic yet minimalistic pop songs and was primarily recorded using real synthesizers and instruments. This analogue approach helps to lay bare Áslaug’s unique and disarming artistry.  

Her previous (self-titled) EP was mainly about the relationship she was in at the time, while with Thirst, she looks back at all her previous relationships. Through the high peaks and deep valleys, she saw something else changing: her own identity. The self-image she had created (and broken down) during these relationships was strongly dependent on the situation she was in. She noticed a different personality in different situations. Her conclusion: identity is malleable, fluid even - like water.  

After this realisation, Áslaug wrote most of her new EP. On Thirst , she looks back at all the "liquid" identities in different (personal) situations. It ranges from vulnerable to dominant. From loving to hating. The more she thought about this concept, the more she realised that identity is not only fluid in a relationship but in many forms of daily life. Listening to Thirst gives you a glimpse into Áslaug's identity - all the different Áslaugs. 

Listen to Thirst here

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