Wild Rivers bring forth an illuminating track called 'Neon Stars'

Every part of you is a constellation, shining brightly in the darkness and illuminating the great big world

The stripped-down, contemplative song romanticizes a carefree love from the past, now seen through the lens of the more complicated present. The band sings, “You were sleeping I was tracing/ Every part of you a constellation/ I knew you/ But I was terrified.” 

'Neon Stars' was co-written with celebrated singer/songwriter Caitlyn Smith. About the process, Wild Rivers Khalid Yassein [guitar, vocals, keys], says, “Caitlyn is one of those people where you can tell that she was born to write songs. I had this idea that I couldn’t figure out for a long time, and after showing it her, within a minute she figured out the puzzle like it was nothing. Songwriters that have that magic and humility are a rare breed. Not to mention it was pretty special to hear her voice sing it in the room.

The new album 'Sidelines' is where Wild Rivers poured their collective impressions about merging into their mid-20s —a strange, liminal age where it’s easy to romanticize childhood. 'Sidelines', according to Wild Rivers Andrew Oliver [lead guitar, synths], looks back longingly upon “the time when you are truly present and you're not having this forward-thinking vision where you're worried about the next thing.
A lot of [Sidelines] is about perspective and longing to be somewhere that you're not, or trying to figure out how to get to a place that you want to be, whether it's physically, emotionally,” says Devan Glover [vocals]. “I think we're all kind of struggling with our sense of identity, in the stage of life that we're in.
'Sidelines' by Wild Rivers is expected on Feburary 4th. Get ready and pre-order the album 'Sidelines' here, and listen to 'Neon Stars' here.

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