Velvet Volume is performing Pinkpop 2020

The Danish rockband is performing at the festival in Landgraaf this June

After releasing their album 'Look Look Look' in the fall of 2019, the Danish band Velvet Volume will return to The Netherlands this summer to perform at Pinkpop Festival. With their energetic live gigs and a sound that recalls Veruca Salt, The Donnasand a dash of Sleater-Kinneyin the vocal range, Velvet Volume has received critical reviews from around Europe. Nettwerk were quickly won over by their raw talent and recently signed them up for an international deal.

Velvet Volume started as a band through sisterhood, mutual interests and the need to start making music. “It was very natural for us to play the rock genre, there’s something in its simplicity and brutality that made it very honest to us” they explained. “There are so many versions of that genre and things you can explore and evolve. It just really worked outfor us, only to be a three-piece band, limited but still fully in control of everything."

Velvet Volume is performing Pinkpop on Sunday, June 21st.

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