'Unlovely' the new album from Ballroom Thieves is out now!

Female empowerment and the destruction of patriarchy. This collection of tracks is the distillation of the band's personal and political passions.

Incorporating musical styles that range from Motown to classic rock and metal, 'Unlovely' maintains the recognizable, nostalgia-tinged sound of The Ballroom Thieves’ previous outputs while pushing a heightened brashness.  Since the release of their first EP and debut full-length, 'A Wolf In The Doorway', The Ballroom Thieves have consistently and skillfully crossed genres, joining artists like CAAMP, Langhorne Slim and Shakey Graves to bridge the gap between folk, rock, and soul.  With 'Ulovely', thanks in part to frequent collaborator, Ariel Bernstein, the trio took it a step further and grew their instrumental arsenal, amplifying their signature energy and eccentricity.

“I understand that many of us are tired of talking about what we call politics, and some don’t feel that songwriters should be writing about the state of the world,” says Peters.  Adding, “but, it’s also personal, as my entire life has been negatively affected by the way things are run. Most of the people that have ever been in charge represent the tiniest piece of the American pie: the rich, straight, white, male, born in the USA slice. If a person is missing any or all of those titles, they are treated as less than worthy.  After all this reprehensible American history, we can agree this place isn’t built for the rest of us, and the rest of us make up more than 99% of the people. We stood by and waited for change, we trusted that our leadership had our best interest in mind, that they weren’t just setting it up for themselves, but we were mistaken.”

 Listen to the album here here

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