Twofields signs to Munich Records

Munich Records is proud to present its newest signing Twofields. ‘Twofields’ is the solo project of Dutch composer Wouter Tuinhof. Tuinhof has worked with multiple artists as a keyboardist and has been a member of the rootspop band, ‘Darlyn’, since 2014.

Likened to artists such as Chilly Gonzales and Keith Jarrett, and pop artists such as Billy Joel and Paul McCartney, Twofields balances neoclassical composition with rhythmic contemporary refrains. The resulting sound is thoughtful, intimate and soothing, occasionally waking you from the same introspective reverie it led you into. While each track explores variations of melody and meaning, a recognizable pop-style format is woven throughout. 

Twofields will release his newest single 'A Beginning' on May 14th, pre-save here

As if you are being led down an old memory, ‘A Beginning’ creates a listener experience of introspection, inner warmth and anticipation. The first draft was written 7 years ago. Tuinhof was satisfied with the melody, but the accompanying piece didn’t interest him at the time. Wouter says: “I basically found my left hand too boring. I came up with the left hand part later, while I was listening to Paul McCartney’s ‘Jenny Wren’. It inspired a similar bass melody”. 

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