The Wandering Hearts share new single 'On Our Way'

From their new self-titled album which follows on 6th of August

The Wandering Hearts’ recent singles such as ‘Dreams’, ‘Dolores’ and ‘Gold’ have seen the trio share an inspiring ray of optimism at the most challenging of times. It’s a trait that shines brightly throughout their upcoming self-titled album (out August 6th), with lyrics that speak of the powers of human connection, of always hoping for better times ahead, and of the unspoken battles that so many people face. 

Premiered on Radio 2 yesterday by the band’s long-term supporter Bob Harris, The Wandering Hearts’ new single ‘On Our Way’ continues that pure positivity with a heartening message that we’re all stronger together than apart. While it was written pre-COVID, its message is so timely as to feel prescient. It’s a song that acknowledges the troubles and the “fracture in time” that have come in the past 15 months, but one that also looks to a lifeline of a future: a time for new beginnings and opportunities. Listen HERE.

Such an exultant message needs a sound to match, and The Wandering Hearts have again delivered. Their British take on Americana captures the energy of Jade Bird with the songcraft of Fleetwood Mac, while the trio’s vocal harmonies - lustrous, impassioned and rousing - reiterates the idea behind the song. 

“With the end of lockdown in sight, this song has a poignancy for us that it didn’t have before,” says Tara Wilcox. “After a really hard year for everyone, there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel.  At its core, this is a song about friendship; acknowledging the power we have to positively impact one another’s lives. We can reassure and support and take some of the strain if we see someone struggling. Someone has done it for you before, now it's your turn to do the same. We take it in turns to lift each other up.”

Like the majority of the new album, ‘On Our Way’ was recorded deep in the Catskills with producers Simone Felice and David Baron, a location which freshly inspired the band to channel the roots of their sound. The exception was ‘Dreams’, a song which the legendary Marty Stuart had written with his wife, the country star Connie Smith, and which was recorded at the iconic Cash Cabin in Hendersonville.

The new album is available to pre-order here  and is now set for release on the 6th August. Formats included a limited edition signed 12” cream vinyl, rare signed test pressings, signed CD and a cassette that’s available exclusively from the band’s webstore. 

The Wandering Hearts are preparing to play this summer’s  ‘In Harmony: An Intimate Tour’, which is almost sold-out. They will celebrate the release of their new single by playing a special free show at Brighton Bandstand, which starts at 2pm this Sunday.

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