'The Great Reveal' by Nina June & Jon Bryant is finally here

Amsterdam-based Nina's upcoming full-length will be ‘Meet Me On The Edge Of Our Ruin’ (out on November 26th via NETTWERK Records).

"Throughout her career, Nina has always created cinematic pop songs that deftly tell the tales of complex forms of human connection. The latest album and track are no exception" -FLAUNT

“'...a sweeping regal offering from June, driven by a steady tambourine-led beat and gorgeous swelling strings. The effect is undeniably cinematic...” - Under The Radar

"I am a fan of her powerful, dynamic vocal delivery that beautifully conveys the emotion of her storytelling which flows effortlessly andhas a magical, dreamy touch that I find very captivating" - EARMILK

"Wise words from a splendid talent" -Glide Magazine"This music definitely belongs to the ”iconic” category" - LeFuturewave

"A devastating and ethereal vocal that feels timeless and pure" - We All Want Someone To Shout For

Ten tracks of eloquent strings, artful arrangements, glistening keys, airy guitars, and organic sound design. An album about memories and how they monumentalize the most important moments of loss like ruins on the path to the present. Akin to physical totems, those memories may be chipped, rusted, or even worn down, but they nevertheless chronicle where we’ve been and hint at where we’re going.
“Those ruins represent things we’ve lost,” she explains. “It could be friendships I’ve lost or people who I’ve truly loved in my life and moved on from. At the same time, we leave behind so many ruins as human beings. I’ve been a vegetarian since the age of six and a vegan for three years. I don’t understand why we as a species destroy our planet, leaving behind so much beauty. A ruin is anything I look back on and think, ‘That was once undamaged, now it’s broken and abandoned. Somewhere in there hides beauty. What direction am I going to take from here?’”
Out today, she shares 'The Great Reveal' co-written with singer-songwriter Jon Bryant and Ben Cramer (Old Sea Brigade). Featuring additional vocals from Bryant, the elegant ballad unfurls above the soft piano as the two vocalists entwine with an admission, “I can’t leave you, even though you could.” “It’s about a relationship that is over, but you still feel the other person in everything you do,” she says. “That person is still with you all of the time, and it keeps you from moving on.” Jon adds, “working on this song with Nina and Ben was a pleasure. It's not often that I come out of a songwriting session and think to myself how special the song is. I really love the build and progression in the melody. It has soul and vibe that I immediately felt and fell in love with.It was an honour to be a part of this song.”
Listen to 'The Great Reveal' here.

'Meet Me on The Edge of Our Ruin' is available at all digital retailers here:

Track List:

1.Build a Boat
2.Jeremiah Blue
3.Rainbow Ashes
4.World on Fire
5.Beneath The Surface
6.The Great Reveal (feat. Jon Bryant)
7.Like an Enemy
8.Our Garden
9.I Call Love In
10.Trust Fall

Tour Dates:

02.12.2021 Amsterdam, NL @ Melkweg

03.12.2021 Rotterdam, NL @ De Doelen

11.12.2021 Den Bosch, NL @ Willem Twee -Toonzaal

12.12.2021 Zwolle, NL @ Hedon

18.01.2022 Dresden, DE @ Beatpol

19.01.2022 Dortmund, DE @ FZW

20.01.2022 Hamburg, DE @ Nochtwache

21.01.2022 Berlin, DE @ Kantine Am Berghain

27.01.2022London, UK @ The Grace

05.02.2022Utrecht, NL @ Tivolivredenburg

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