SYML shares new EP 'You Knew It Was Me'

After the release of his single 'I Wanted To Leave' last month, he releases his new album via Nettwerk Records.

"I’ve been playing piano since I was about 7. I remember coming home from school one day and being excited about playing the viola, since that was the instrumentI got to hold when the 5th grade orchestra teacher came to our classroom. I think my parents were scared of the wretched sounds I was destined to make and directed me to the old upright piano we had in our living room.  It was the piano my mother learned to play on and it’s still around today, though it doesn’t see much action." - SYML explains.

SYML is a self-taught producer/programmer/engineer, as well as a guitarist, percussionist and classically trained pianist, music was always in Brian Fennell (SYML). Simplicity is what moves SYML, pronounced “sih-mul." it means “simple” in Welsh. A child of a closed adoption, Fennell only discovered his Welsh roots as an adult shortly before naming the project. 

Listen to 'You Knew It Was Me'. 

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