SYML released new single 'I Wanted To Leave'

He releases his new single today via Nettwerk Records.

With a keen grasp on textural and emotive songwriting, SYML aka Brian Fennell wrote this song in Paris while incredibly homesick. Says Fennell, "When we leave some place, or someone, it doesn’t typically happen overnight. The act of leaving is the result of many small interactions that may have been too small to notice until after we’ve left. The most heart wrenching part of mourning is when you relive the moments when the loss had already begun, you just didn’t know it yet. Leaving can be a beautiful thing.“

SYML is a self-taught producer/programmer/engineer, as well as a guitarist, percussionist and classically trained pianist, music was always in Brian Fennell (SYML). Simplicity is what moves SYML, pronounced “sih-mul." it means “simple” in Welsh. A child of a closed adoption, Fennell only discovered his Welsh roots as an adult shortly before naming the project. 

Listen to 'I Wanted to leave' here.

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