St. South releases her debut album 'Get Well Soon'

St. South has always maintained unwavering independence that manifests both in the way she creates her music, and the music itself.

As a songwriter, singer, and producer, St. South has worked tirelessly on the skills required to make the kind of nuanced and soulful electro she’s known for. But St. South’s sound is not just a study in technical self-reliance, it is an intimate portrait of an artist who lives life on one’s own terms. A bold statement, but by no means hyperbolic considering that everything St. South put out until now, has been “fully self-funded, self-released, and self-driven.” Because of this, the music itself imbues a sense of intimacy, a closeness that has pulled in millions of listeners from all corners of the world.

On her debut full-length record, 'Get Well Soon', St. South continues to be revelatory, as she unfolds a story of grief, heartbreak and ultimately, self-love. 

St. South — aka Olivia Gavranich — began her musical journey like many an artist: by picking up an old guitar that was lying around the house and teaching herself how to play. Later she stumbled upon a remix competition for Bon Iver, and without any production experience, won in her category. “It was around then that I realized I wanted to progress from acoustic songs, to a more produced sound,” she says:

“For a couple of years, I worked with various producers that I met on Soundcloud, but I grew tired of relying on other artists to send me beats, and I wanted to be completely self-sufficient as a songwriter as well as a producer.”

Always eager to improve, the self-education continued, and St. South eventually became well versed in both sides of the creative process. But this kind of technical prowess stems not only from many hours of hard work, but also an inherent belief in oneself.

“I’ve always known it’s what I wanted to do, but I always need to do things in my own time, while having full control of the process...I’m incredibly organized and always have a very clear vision of what I want.”

Listen to 'Get Well Soon' here.

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