Squid release video for 'Broadcaster'

7inch limited vinyl with Sludge / Broadcaster out now

Squid unveil the video for their latest release ‘Broadcaster’, and it’s a visually dazzling cyber-adventure, full of kinetic emotion and intricate illustration. 

The video has been directed by Wieslawa Ruta who offered the following about the video and collaboration:

“I am very grateful to Squid Band that they offered me work on this music video. They trusted me, gave me a great piece of music and freedom of creation. I'm really lucky. When I listened to this song, I knew I wanted to do it, I had a vision and a feeling of how it should look, but I did not know how to achieve it. I wrote about it to them that I have problems and asked them if they can wait for the first effects, in that moment they supported me so much, they believed in me so much that I felt that I had friends and people who totally understood the creative process. I felt that we really understood each other. I knew that I would act with a light, that it would be a dark picture lightened by a light, but I did not know that I would end up working at night taking pictures with the camera of increasingly strange flashes and reflections on various surfaces:) I am very grateful to the guys from the band for trust and huge support during work. They were so supportive throughout the entire film making process. Animation is a job for loners. However, I am lucky. I am never alone at work. I am always accompanied by music, from which I draw inspiration for the picture. Music determines everything that appears on the screen. Sometimes I think that although for moment I can feel like an extra member of the band just acting with light. And when you think that you work with the music of such wonderful people, who understand and support you, you feel even more lucky”

‘Broadcaster’, is the AA-side companion to Squid’s recent offering ‘Sludge’. The tracks are available on a limited edition vinyl pressing, released via Warp Records. The 10” vinyl features an extended version of ‘Broadcaster’.

‘Broadcaster’ is built around an arpeggiated synth sequence that was conceived during a writing session in a woodland cabin, by Arthur, whilst the rest of the band were out hiking. As the song develops, guitars, drum machines and delays join the fray, pushing the track into its chaotic and visceral crescendo. All this works as the perfect foil to singer Ollie Judge’s oblique lyrics.

Ollie on ‘Broadcaster’: “Lyrically the track was inspired by the visual artist Nam June Paik and his TV Garden installation. I thought it blurred the lines between a dystopian and utopian vision. I imagined what it must be like living synonymously amongst nature and technology in the most literal way I could imagine, with TVs towering over me amongst forests.”

Squid are in a constant, energetic state of evolution which is reflected in the intense and infectious spectrum of sound contained in their propulsive songs. This wild and restless creativity points the way forward for a band with no limits on what they might do next.

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