Nina June shares new single 'Trust Fall'

Amsterdam-based Nina June shares 'Trust Fall', a poetic love story between mother earth and mankind, from upcoming EP ‘Side A – Our Garden’ out June 25th via Nettwerk Records.

“Trust Fall’ is written as a love song between Mother Earth and mankind. How it started in harmony, how the earth gave all she had in good faith, and how mankind let it all go to waste. But also, about the fact that it's not too late to turn the tide yet” Nina June tells. 

The dreamy piano-driven 'Trust Fall' is an unexpected love story. While songs grappling with climate change are nothing new, Nina addresses the state of the planet through the complex power structures of any relationship and, ultimately, the need for change to find harmony. "I said 'bathe in my water, dance on my mountain," Mother Earth invites, only to watch it "slip away through my hands." As if opening a window to hope, the lyrics culminate with the refrain, "it is not too late, my dear, to change it all." Relationships with other humans bring in notions of mutual respect and fairness, and those same ideas must be applied to the human-nature relationship. We are not simply a part of nature, but our actions and experiences are part of an ongoing exchange with our natural environment.

Listen 'Trust Fall' here

Heightened senses strengthen communication. On the forthcoming 'Side A–Our Garden' EP , out June 25th via Nettwerk Records, the Amsterdam-based singer and songwriter layers plainspoken emotion over multi-dimensional soundscapes steeped in strings, keys, guitar, and natural sound effects. After amassing more than 20 million streams worldwide, Nina June has been quietly making waves with her 2018 independent debut 'Bon Voyage' and her 2019 Nettwerk Records debut EP 'Shadows & Riddles'. Filtering restless wanderlust into lithe anthems of awakening, she captivated listeners with a string of successful singles, sold-out shows, and Amsterdam's prestigious Zilveren Notekraker — an honor in celebration of "Promising New Talent". In March 2020, she traveled to London to work with producer Duncan Mills (Florence + The Machine, The Vaccines, Jake Bugg, James Murphy) to record the new music.

'Side A – Our Garden' will be out on June 25th via Nettwerk Records and is available to pre-save at all digital retailers here

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