Nina June happily shares her new album 'Meet Me on The Edge of Our Ruin'

The album contains ten tracks of eloquent strings, artful arrangements, glistening keys, airy guitars, and organic sound design

Amsterdam-based, silver-blonde songstress Nina June shares her 2021 full-length album: 'Meet Me on The Edge of Our Ruin' (Nettwerk Records). An album about memories and how they monumentalize the most important moments of loss like ruins on the path to the present. Akin to physical totems, those memories may be chipped, rusted, or even worn down, but they nevertheless chronicle where we’ve been and hint at where we’re going.

About the album, Nina had this to say: "I've worked on this album over the past 2.5 years. I needed time to think about the way we live our lives in these current times, and how we treat our planet. If I look back on what was, and look forward to the future, what changes do I want to make? These changes pertain to human relationships, the way we spend our time, the way we consume and how we dedicate our passion. It's about making choices that give meaning to our lives and serve us as a collective, not only as an individual. ‘Meet Me on The Edge of Our Ruin’ is an open invitation to look back on the past and think about the way we want to move forward.

A couple weeks back, Nina shared “The Great Reveal, a track co-written with singer-songwriter Jon Bryant and Ben Cramer (Old Sea Brigade). Featuring additional vocals from Bryant, the elegant ballad unfurls above the soft piano as the two vocalists entwine with an admission,“I can’t leave you, even though you could.” “It’s about a relationship that is over, but you still feel the other person in everything you do,” she says. “That person is still with you all of the time, and it keeps you from moving on.”

Listen to the album here.

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