Nightmares On Wax releases new single 'Imagineering'

Out now on Warp Records

Where do you start with Leeds-born Ibiza based producer George Evelyn - aka Nightmares on Wax - that pioneered British electronic music?

As Warp’s longest serving signing, Nightmares on Wax opened doors to new sonic landscapes for countless producers and musicians, creating his own signature sound that brought together the inner-city rhythms of reggae, soul and the cut ‘n’ paste aesthetics of hip-hop that led to a series of genre-defining releases.

With his first single since 2018, 'Imagineering' hints at future work to come, taking inspiration from trips abroad before the pandemic, collaborators and musical styles that feed into his sound. Here's George going into this in more detail:

Imagineering is inspired by my travels through Asia pre lockdown 2020.

I’ve always been attracted towards using classical compositions with a street beat approach, classical street beats you could say. I brought in my good friend and longtime collaborator Robin Taylor-firth on keys to give it that classic melancholy Nightmares on Wax sound. Imagineering is an ode to the creativity that surrounds us everyday i.e. Ideas that are imagined and then realised.

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