Miki Ratusla releases new single featuring Lauren Sanderson

Miki Ratusla shares their beautiful new song about the toll of giving too much of yourself

MIKI RATSULA has built a sizable audience by openly and honestly welcoming people into their world. The Southern California-based, Finnish-American nonbinary artist uses their platform to candidly document their life, from coming out to getting top surgery -t elling their story to give queer people the representation they deserve to see more of. Today, they share their latest single, “suffocate,”featuring Lauren Sanderson--the LA-based musician who has also been a powerful voice in the LGBTQ+ community.

“Most of the friendships and relationships I've had, I tend to give more than I receive, leading me to burn myself out and not take care of myself,”notes Miki. “I use a road trip metaphor in this song, asking my friends if they're alright with me being slow this time because I need to fuel myself up. I acknowledge the toll it can take on me to always put others' needs first.”About the track, Lauren had this to add: “I’ve known this incredible human for years and I feel so lucky to be a part of their new era and artistry!”

“suffocate” follows their track “reeboks,” a song about being so anxious about the future that they would end up running themselves into the ground. Their raw, personal single “second” deals with their fears and anxiety around getting top surgery and was accompanied by a video that Miki notes, “I knew I wanted the video to represent queer bodies and relationships in the most authentic way. Before getting my top surgery, I wish I had seen more representation of what queer bodies can look like, and that they can be loved.”


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