Little Simz releases new track 'Woman' ft. Cleo Sol

Taken from forthcoming album 'Sometimes I Might Be Introvert' out September 3rd Watch the video below

Hot on the heels of the scorching, 6-minute call to arms that was “Introvert” comes another taster of Little Simz’ hotly anticipated new album “Sometimes I Might Be Introvert”, in the form of the gorgeous paean to female empowerment, Woman”.



In a volte-face from the epic firestorm of “Introvert”, which delved deep into crises both societal and personal, the lissom swoon of “Woman” is a soulful love letter to women around the world, produced by Inflo and featuring her “Selfish” collaborator Cleo Sol, once again, on gorgeously airy guest vocals. Of the song, Simz says: “I love it when I see women doing their thing and looking flawless; I’m here for that! It’s empowering, it’s inspiring; I wanted to say thank you and I wanted to celebrate them.”

As if to underline that exact point, Simz steps behind the camera for the very first time to direct the sumptuous video. Filmed in lush, almost iridescent Technicolour tones and featuring an array of stunning cameos, Simz creates a glamorous yet sharply modern Utopia; an army of immaculately dressed, unapologetically powerful women (Jourdan Dunn, Joy Crookes and Denai Moore among them) in a rambling country estate, coolly getting things done and running the world, all the while looking effortlessly flawless to boot. The casting was not incidental – every woman in the video has personal significance to Simz, from her own cousins, Paij and Caroline, to her friend of 15 years, model Sienna King, to the likes of Zeze Millz and Kesewa Aboah, creating a moving, united front of sisterhood. The resultant video is a feast for the senses that hits on visual, social and emotional levels, and just another reason to get very, very excited indeed about what else Little Simz has in store this year.


1.    Introvert
2. Woman ft. Cleo Sol
3. Two Worlds Apart
4. I Love You, I Hate You
5. Little Q Pt 1 (Interlude)
6. Little Q Pt 2
7. Gems (Interlude)
8. Speed
9. Standing Ovation
10. I See You
11. The Rapper That Came to Tea (Interlude)
12. Rollin Stone
13. Protect My Energy
14. Never Make Promises (Interlude)
15. Point and Kill ft. Obongjayar
16. Fear No Man
17. The Garden (Interlude)
18. How Did You Get Here
19. Miss Understood

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