Lauv launches online video game Billy Meets World

Inspired by cult classic game Flappy Bird

Lauv reveals online video game Billy Meets World, inspired by the cult classic Flappy Bird. Players in the virtual world, help Lauv’s dog Billy navigate the digital universe of Lauv’s music video for Drugs & The Internet, gaining rewards along the way. The game is available on desktop and mobile browsers. As Lauv rolls out new tracks off his upcoming debut album, new themed levels will be added. Click HERE to play.

'It’s quite simple. I love my dog Billy so we
made him a game. It’s pretty fun. You should play it.'

Earlier this year, Lauv unveiled single Drugs & The Internet, marking the first release off the singers highly anticipated debut album titled ~how i'm feeling~, which will see him continuously rolling out singles before its release. The video, directed by Jenna Marsh (Nicki Minaj, Kanye West) sees Lauv getting pulled from reality into a digital universe. He gets trapped and loses himself to the overwhelming stimulus of a world where the internet gets brought to life. 

Last month, Lauv released Sad Forever the latest track off his upcoming debut album. The song was written in the midst of the pop visionary’s own struggle with mental health of which he detailed HERE. Lauv will be donating all proceeds from the track to various mental health organizations across the world that work to de-stigmatize mental health issues.

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