Jackie Lynn shares 'Shugar Water'

Rotterdam show in Worm on May 21

Today we share the second instalment in the tale of Jacqueline, the new album from Jackie Lynn, which is due out on April 10th via Drag City. Each track on Jacqueline depicts a day in the life of a woman on a long haul truck driving journey, both alone and together with her own thoughts.

Jackie Lynn is the fictional alter ego of singer/songwriter Haley Fohr,  also known for her indie folk project Circuit des Yeux,  with Cooper Crain, Rob Frye and Dan Quinlivan of Bitchin Bajas. Following previous single and album opener, "Casino Queen",  we now see what happens on day #2 with new track and video "Shugar Water".

"'Shugar Water' was designed to bring us all together. It is a calling for us all to drink from the same cup and allow ourselves to let go" explains Fohr. "Let us seek refuge in each other's arms.  Let us get lost on the byway of comfort and celebration.  We need each other every day (even if our mind does not remind us of this every day).  Do not get lost in your own soul!  What if we are, after all, just different versions of the same person?"

Video creator Jacob Forman states: "I can only imagine what the tiniest bit of celebrity feels like, so when given the character of Jacqueline, it kind of allowed me to project onto her my own anxieties about what growing stardom (or just progression in life) could do to me, or anyone really. The present is purgatory and the past is grainy, ugly, and violent. Shugar Water grounds and binds us. Thinking about all these things coupled with what I would do stylistically with the video, I felt particularly inspired by Lynch's INLAND EMPIRE, Cronenberg's VIDEODROME, and the films of Abel Ferrara."

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